Wednesday, November 30, 2005

get the facts man

November 22, 2005 -- Search engine use has soared in the last year and is creeping up on e-mail as the most popular activity on the Web, according to a study from the Pew Internet and American Life Project and comScore Media Metrix. Nearly 60 million Americans use a search engine every day, up from 38 million one year ago. (NY POST)

The H5N1 strain of bird flu seen in human cases in China has mutated as compared with strains found in human cases in Vietnam. Chinese labs have found that the genetic order of the H5N1 virus seen in humans infected in China is different from that found in humans in Vietnam, Xinhua news agency reported Monday. (AFP)

Moscow ( - It may have been a joke, but some media organizations and politicians in Moscow appear to have taken half-seriously a satirical suggestion that the United States should sell Alaska back to Russia for $1 trillion. The tongue-in-cheek proposal published in a U.S. newspaper raised the vague notion still present here that Russia could one day retrieve the territory it sold to the U.S.

Retailers' hopes for their biggest season were boosted as sales picked up steam on Saturday, after a Friday kickoff that was down slightly from last year. In all, about 145 million shoppers swarmed stores and the Internet over the weekend and spent an estimated $27.8 billion — up 22% from the weekend a year ago — according to a survey of retailers by the National Retail Federation. (USA TODAY)

The gold market "is hot and it is going to get hotter," Newmont President Pierre Lassonde said in an interview on Australian Broadcasting Corp. television yesterday. "By early next year you are going to see $525 and down the road even a lot higher than that." (NY POST)

Gold prices reached a record high in London, reaching over $500 per ounce for the first time since February of 1983. Considering inflation is nowhere near the backbreaking 12% rate seen back then, the historic rise in the yellow metal is being supported by a combination of factors. Holding the greatest significance is the increasing demand, particularly out of Asia. Gold prices are also being underpinned by the commodity's status as a hedge against inflation. (

Christopher Noteboom, of Tempe, Ariz., ran onto the field holding a plastic bag, leaving a cloud of fine powder behind…The 33-year-old Noteboom, a native of Doylestown, said his mother died of emphysema in January 2005, shortly before the Eagles' Super Bowl appearance…."She never cared for any other team except the Eagles," Noteboom told WPVI-TV after he was released from custody Monday. "I know that the last handful of ashes I had are laying on the field, and will never be taken away. She'll always be part of Lincoln Financial Field and of the Eagles."… "It's bizarre, but we have a zero tolerance for people who run on the field," Police Inspector William Colarulo said. "We especially have a zero tolerance for people who run onto the field and dump an unknown substance in a stadium full of people."(FOX NEWS)

Nov. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Consumer confidence rose in November by the most in more than two years as falling gasoline prices encouraged shoppers before the start of the holiday season.

It is a war between 27 million and 10,000; 27 million Iraqis who want to live lives of freedom, opportunity and prosperity and roughly 10,000 terrorists who are either Saddam revanchists, Iraqi Islamic extremists or al Qaeda foreign fighters who know their wretched causes will be set back if Iraq becomes free and modern. The terrorists are intent on stopping this by instigating a civil war to produce the chaos that will allow Iraq to replace Afghanistan as the base for their fanatical war-making. We are fighting on the side of the 27 million because the outcome of this war is critically important to the security and freedom of America. If the terrorists win, they will be emboldened to strike us directly again and to further undermine the growing stability and progress in the Middle East, which has long been a major American national and economic security priority. (Senator Joe Lieberman D-CT)

Here is an ironic finding I brought back from Iraq. While U.S. public opinion polls show serious declines in support for the war and increasing pessimism about how it will end, polls conducted by Iraqis for Iraqi universities show increasing optimism. Two-thirds say they are better off than they were under Saddam, and a resounding 82% are confident their lives in Iraq will be better a year from now than they are today. What a colossal mistake it would be for America's bipartisan political leadership to choose this moment in history to lose its will and, in the famous phrase, to seize defeat from the jaws of the coming victory. (Senator Joe Lieberman D-CT)

WASHINGTON - Amid a surging wave of repression by the Castro dictatorship, Cuba's prisoners of conscience increasingly are resorting to "acts of desperation" - including hunger strikes, suicide attempts, and self-mutilation - in a cry for international recognition and solidarity, and to advance the cause of the island's liberation. (NY SUN)

Seward’s Folly,cyber monday and bond swaps for the tax man

November 28th 2005

So were we in the black on “black Friday” or not? Any one near a shopping mall or a down town shopping district would have to say black or red we were certainly stuck in traffic. Yes some retailers did better than others, and given that many retailers had wool coats in, in the middle of July when it was a mere 100 degrees out side, they are going to need more than one black Friday. Forget black Friday anyway I use a far more accurate judge of commerce, than mere retail sales; I use the “Christmas light indicator”. The Christmas light indicator you ask, what’s that? The more Christmas lights you see on roof tops and chimneys the more prosperous the consumer feels and the better the economy is. As for me it has been one of those “almost years”, a lot of good things almost happened and I don’t work for Goldman Sacks so Santa is not bringing a big check but I scarped together my parking change and purchased a string of icicle Christmas lights (450 lights) and ran them across my front porch. They are guaranteed to blink 45,000 times a minute, kinda gives the place a Las Vegas strip feel and the neighbors love it.

So what is all this talk of “cyber Monday” anyway you ask, seems that internet shopping has come of age. It is nice to know that high speed internet access can be used for something other than down loading porn and music from I Tunes. So the talking heads are trying to tell us that employees will be arriving to work with their Santa’s list to do some shopping. Nice to see the worker bees get to work on time for a change and I thought it was the free doughnuts and coffee. As for me I only keep one “S” list and that doesn’t stand for Santa.

The end of the year is coming and it is time to take a look and clean up some positions. Remember you pay taxes only on realized gains .So if you are looking to increase the quality of your bond portfolio, increase total return, and take advantage of higher rates or save some money on taxes. Now maybe a good time to consider bond swaps. By converting your paper loses in to real losses you can offset taxable gains and improve portfolio.

I continue to feel that getting the NASDQ going in a big way is the key to reigniting public interest and trust in the equity markets. Like I said last week NASDQ needs to double just to be even with the highs of March 2000. Yes I know all the talking of “4 year highs”, which basically get us back to where we were 2 years ago. This is a crucial juncture and a big push upward would be an extremely bullish sign. In recent days great economic data has given way to fears of that the FED will tighter further and faster due to the quickening pace of economic acceleration. Higher interest rates put a cap on the market’s upside but so do higher oil prices. The flip side being the economy is awash with cash, and with a slow down in the real-estate market there is no place for it to go, but into the market.


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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

turkey week news

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. regulators have asked Roche AG for more information about the deaths of 12 children who took the flu-fighting drug Tamiflu, saying in a report released on Thursday that the cause of the deaths was "extremely difficult to interpret."

Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish leaders call for a troop withdrawal timetable at an Arab League conference in Egypt; denounce terror acts against Iraqi civilians (FOX NEWS)

WASHINGTON (AP) - An Iranian exile who opposes his country's Islamic government said Monday that Iran's military is building a series of secret tunnels to hide equipment for missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.(AP)

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's clearout of his opponents began last month but is more sweeping than previously understood and has reached almost every branch of government, the Guardian has learned. Dozens of deputy ministers have been sacked this month in several government departments, as well the heads of the state insurance and privatisation organisations. Last week, seven state bank presidents were dismissed in what an Iranian source described as "a coup d'├ętat". (the Guardian)

Parliament approved a bill Sunday requiring the government to block international inspections of its atomic facilities if the U.N. nuclear monitoring agency refers Iran to the Security Council for possible sanctions. (AP), a unit of IAC/Interactive Corp. is accused in a federal lawsuit of goading members into renewing their subscriptions through bogus romantic e-mails sent out by company employees. In some instances, the suit contends, people on the Match payroll even went on sham dates with subscribers as a marketing ploy.

Nov. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Cisco Systems Inc. agreed to buy Scientific-Atlanta Inc. for $6.9 billion, adding the second- largest U.S. maker of set-top boxes for cable television and tapping into the growing market for Internet TV.

November 21, 2005 -- RICHMOND, Va. — U.S. District Judge James R. Spencer wasn't exactly exuding Southern hospitality when he greeted attorneys in the long-running BlackBerry patent battle. Three years ago, a jury decided against the maker of the wireless e-mail device, Research In Motion, but Spencer held off on an injunction that could have shut down service in the U.S. (NY POST)

…the magic stopped working so well. The big stocks that had contributed heavily to the 500 index's runaway rise suffered some outsized losses when the bullish bubble burst. In the last five years through the middle of this week, the Vanguard 500 fund has declined 0.6 percent a year. Over the same stretch, the average of all long-term mutual funds tracked by Bloomberg has gained 4.2 percent a year. (Chet Currier BLOOMBERG)

For the second year in a row, this destitute city has been named the nation's most dangerous, according to a company's annual ranking based on crime statistics…..The city took the top spot last year from Detroit, which remained No. 2 in the most dangerous city rankings, to be released Monday by Morgan Quitno Press. The Lawrence, Kan.-based company publishes "City Crime Rankings," an annual reference book. (AP)

November 22, 2005 -- Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes online store is the seventh-largest music retailer in the U.S., breaking into the top 10 during the 3rd quarter for the first time, according to researcher NPD Group Inc. (NYPOST)

Eliot Spitzer dropped criminal charges against an ex-CIBC executive accused of aiding improper fund trading, marking a retreat by the New York attorney general. (WSJ)

Most US Manufacturers say they face moderate or severe shortages of skilled workers, according to a survey by Deloitte.(WSJ)

Happy Thanks Giving

November 21,2005
That’s right you herd it right the NASDQ has hit a 4 year high, gee another 2873 and some odd points up and we will be even with March 2000. This means the NASDQ would need to more than double yes that is over a 100% increase to return to its former glory. Taking a longer term prospective investors would notice that we have barley moved ahead of January 2004 and slightly behind December 2002 .The recent move up may be nothing more than an end of the year “Santa Clause” rally or as I have long stated we are way overdue for a significant prolonged raise in the stock markets. To date the 2000 to 2005 market has under preformed the 1930-1935 market. I can not over state the case that this decade has very little in common with the 1930’s .We are also on the verge of underperforming the 1970’s and as all economic data has suggested there is little of nothing in common with the pathetic performance of the economy in the 1970’s. Yes there are some similarities of the two mentioned decades as in the 1930’s the winds of war are blowing and many nations are embracing authoritarianism and like the 1970’s real estate has been a runaway success and energy is the major focus. In both cases the current challenges seem to pale by comparison. However the market for many needs to prove it self all the strong earnings, and large cash positions mean nothing if investors don’t feel confident that there some reasonable probability that they are going to make money. The good news is that the financials continue to move up ,IPO’s abound ,buyouts continue at almost a daily pace ,stock purchase plans are buying back shares ,tech stocks are again on the move and the economy continues to advance in spite of higher energy prices. All of which historically imply that the stock market should be beginning a large move up ward.
Since bank style CD’s are now starting to yield in some cases in excess of 7% I have decide to reprint this post from my website. Recently I have had some clients ask me what’s the difference between buying a CD from a bank or one from a broker? Here are some helpful hints; Unlike a Certificate of Deposit that is bought directly from a bank; a brokered CD is sold by stock brokers (and others). And unlike a bank-bought CD, a brokered CD is marketable on a secondary market. It is FDIC insured up to $100,000 and it is often marketed as a suitable alternative to Treasury issues. Because these are marketable securities it is important to go farther than yield; another words don’t just be a yield hog.
1. Remember like other fixed income investments if interest rates go up, the market value of these securities may go down. That is elementary to anyone who has ever been interested in fixed-income investments.
2. Check the rating of the bank. Stick with higher quality banks.
3. Check the value of a similar issue on the secondary market. Higher rated Bank’s CD’s trade stronger and lower rated banks trade weaker. That means that if you want to sell the CD before its maturity, which you can, CD’s from Banks that have lower ratings often trade below what they were bought at. This could create a loss for the investor.
4. Check the secondary market, as an alternative to new issues, if the secondary-market value is less than par. That may result in a good deal for you. For instance, an issue with a coupon rate of 4.15%, if it sells on the secondary market for 93.5, will yield 4.98%.
5. Remember as a broker I have hundreds of Bank CD’s to chose, from 1 month to 10 years so it is very important for the prospective buyer to as forth coming and truthful about their needs as possible so that the best alternative can be found.
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Thursday, November 17, 2005

news news news

( - A climatologist Monday was quick to dismiss the Fox News special on "global warming," complaining that it featured "profoundly juvenile climate science."

The American people are being hoodwinked not just by the green activists, but by the scientists who get billions of dollars for creating global climate models that can't even forecast backward, let along forward," said Dennis Avery of the Hudson Institute's Center for Global Food Issues in an interview with Cybercast News Service. (CNSNEWS)

Climatologist Patrick J. Michaels, the author of several books on climate change including "Meltdown: The Predictable Distortion of Global Warming by Scientists, Politicians, and the Media," believes the contribution of human activity on planetary warming will be "modest" (CNSNEWS)

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - Rising sea levels caused by global warming could shrink New Jersey by up to 3 percent in the next 100 years, U.S. scientists warned on Wednesday. (and that’s a bad thing?)

We have cataloged the human genome, conquered the mystery of outer space and mastered the art of transmitting data bits around the world in seconds. Yet we still can't resist the urge to tinker with the invisible hand. (Carline Baum ,Bloomberg)

The grandstanding by Congress last week was great theater. Any attempt to translate the investigation into high oil prices into legislation to curb them will turn this comedy into tragedy. (Carline Baum ,Bloomberg)

November 16, 2005 -- Legendary investor George Soros has increased his bet on technology as part of a shopping spree that boosted the holdings of a hedge fund he controls by 44 percent, an SEC filing shows. Shares of, IBM and Apple jumped yesterday after Soros Fund Management filed paperwork showing that it had bought large stakes in the companies in the third quarter. Soros bought 292,500 shares of, worth $13.25 million, 260,000 shares of Apple, worth $13.94 million, and 326,000 shares of IBM, worth $26.15 million. (NY POST)

Civil liberties groups have been criticizing the "sneak and peek" provision of the USA Patriot Act since the law was passed after the September 11 attacks, and Bush administration officials have been defending it. But for all the debate, the provision was not used at all by federal prosecutors in most jurisdictions, including Manhattan and the Bronx, in the year and a half that followed the law's enactment in 2001, according to data obtained by The New York Sun.

`It's really hard to get bullish on bonds,'' said William Hornbarger, chief fixed-income strategist at St. Louis-based A.G. Edwards Inc., which had $316 billion in client assets at the end of the second quarter. ``The Fed's not going to stop here.'' (BLOOMBERG)

VIENNA (Reuters) - Iran has begun processing a new batch of uranium despite Western pressure on it to halt sensitive atomic work, possibly harming attempts to defuse a standoff over its nuclear aims, a diplomat said on Wednesday.

China is sure to defeat bird flu the way it defeated the lung disease SARS, Premier Wen Jiabao said a day after news of the first confirmed human avian flu fatality rattled the nation. (AFP)

grandstanding ....and is Television is over? and the secret password is UGH-MA

November 16th 2005


One of the more interesting developments of the internet is the ability of the consumer to down load data at will. The recent explosion of high speed internet access or broad band access gives the consumer quick and usable way to down load music, or video ,including their favorite TV shows .For a mere $2 you can down load your favorite episode of “Desperate House Wives” commercial free . If this process continues it will be a boom for internet advertising and a boom for those sites that offer the service. The video on demand or information on demand business has been battling those elements who wish to make the internet more like TV force feeding data to unwilling masses. Those that see the power of the internet in its ability to deliver customized services at a mass produced cost have long opposed the TV model and view it as the anti- internet, but now with the availability of high speed internet access the vision long held that commercial ventures can drive enough eyeballs and gather pay per service customers as well as free access customers truly supported by advertising as a business model that’s time is finally come reaching a reality and make traditional TV obsolete.

OK so the jokers in Washington want to blame it on the oil companies. Wind fall profits yea that’s the ticket. Will someone explain to me how raising taxes on a particular industry is going to lower the prices to the consumer a better idea maybe to place a moratorium on all federal and state taxes on gasoline. Isn’t funny when the people who have screwed up energy policy and done everything in their power to undermine the energy independence in the US are going to investigate the effect of their misguided policies? Don’t believe me; when was the last refinery built in the US hummmm oh 1974. How about those wind mills build off of Cape Cod oh that’s right the Kennedy’s didn’t want their view ruined and all those Nuclear Power plants built, oh that’s right it has been about 30 years since the last one. As for me I am buying energy stocks, being a product of the 1970’s I have seen all this before.

A Uniform Gift to Minors (UGMA) otherwise known as an UGH-MA is an account you can set up for your children or and underage person. The IRS allows you to transfer (gift) up to $11,000 per child. It is simple for your broker to set up and does not involve any lawyers. The advantages are that the money is taxed at the child’s rate under the child’s social security number. You can establish and account for anyone underage ,a grandchild and god child and nephew and so on .You are the custodian and make all decisions related to the account until the child comes of age, which in most states is 18. Once the minor reaches legal age they take control of the account and it is there to do as they please yes that means anything so Paris Hilton watch out. As custodian you act as the fiduciary which means you have to handle the money in a “prudent manner” so margin, futures trading, horse racing and sports betting are probably not OK.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bank CD rates keep going up!

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Monday, November 14, 2005

you ask about an UGMA (UGH-MA )

Uniform Gift to Minors (UGMA)

A Uniform Gift to Minors (UGMA) otherwise known as an UGH-MA is an account you can set up for your children or and underage person. The IRS allows you to transfer (gift) up to $11,000 per child. It is simple for your broker to set up and does not involve any lawyers. The advantages are that the money is taxed at the child’s rate under the child’s social security number. You can establish and account for anyone underage ,a grandchild and god child and nephew and so on .You are the custodian and make all decisions related to the account until the child comes of age, which in most states is 18. Once the minor reaches legal age they take control of the account and it is there to do as they please yes that means anything so Paris Hilton watch out. As custodian you act as the fiduciary which means you have to handle the money in a “prudent manner” so margin, futures trading, horse racing and sports betting are probably not OK.


Friday, November 11, 2005

new new news

Nov. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Japan's economy grew faster than expected in the third quarter as companies and consumers spent more in the longest expansion in eight years. The Nikkei 225 Stock Average rose to a 4 1/2-year high.

Nov. 11 (Bloomberg) -- European Central Bank council member Klaus Liebscher said inflation is a growing danger and the bank ``can always bite,'' the clearest hint to date that an increase in interest rates may come as early as next month.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Consumer confidence emerged from a funk. With gasoline prices moderating, people are feeling better -- but not ebullient -- about the economy's prospects and their own.

AMMAN, Jordan (CNN) -- Calling the al Qaeda in Iraq leader a "lowlife," Jordanians on Thursday flooded the nation's capital in bitter protest of the triple suicide bombings that shook the city a day earlier and killed at least 56 people, most of Arab descent.

DAMASCUS (Reuters) - President Bashar al-Assad promised on Thursday to cooperate with a U.N. inquiry into the killing of a former Lebanese prime minister, but said Syria would not sacrifice its own national interest in the process.

Iran’s bellicosity would seem to be an indication that the country is closer to its goal of possessing nuclear weapons than Western intelligence organizations might think. I believe it’s likely that one day in the not-too-distant future, Iran will launch a sneak nuclear attack on Israel in an effort to eradicate that country, and as many Jew as possible, from the face of the earth. (Klaus Rohrich canadafreepress)

The Chinese government last week issued new guidelines that seek to limit the use of cell phones for text messaging. (worldtribune,com)

When Merck & Co. won the New Jersey Vioxx trial last week, it faced a plaintiff who had taken the painkiller for only two months.Now, a state-court judge is upping the ante. Carol Higbee, the New Jersey judge overseeing 3,500 Vioxx cases in Merck's home state, told lawyers in a private conference on Monday that she wants the next 10 or so trials in her courtroom to involve plaintiffs who took the drug for 18 months or longer. (WSJ)

Thomson First Call, Wall Street analysts expect oil prices to average about $56 per barrel and fall no further than $46. (BARRONS)

Approximately 40% of oil and gas production in the Gulf of Mexico remains shuttered because of hurricane damage, according to Bruce Lanni, an analyst at A.G. Edwards & Sons.(BARRONS))

boogey man

November 11, 2005

Ok, that’s right so I didn’t take my own advise .I put the inflection point for the market turn around October 20-21 and it looks more like it started around October 27th about a week late like everything else that has happened to the market since Katrina. Now the process that began since September of creating a massive oversold condition will reverse itself. The market should spend the next few weeks undoing some of the damage.

Mortgage rates and other fixed income rates continued there measured climb ,so if your buying a house you could be feeling the pinch ,but if your buying fixed income ,weather it is bank CD’s, tax free bonds ,corporate bonds the higher yields will defiantly increase your available gas money. We are again hearing about the specter of the boogey man inflation, yes obviously there are short term pressures with oil prices but the consumer adjust very quickly. The recent decline in gas prices should spur stronger confidence and consumer demand. Productivity growth continues to outpace commodity price increases and as long as that continues I don’t see any real threat of inflation.

People have asked me what do if anything the results of Tuesday’s elections suggest for the investment climate. Without knowing much about the Virginia Governors race at lest in New Jersey and California the vested interests resisted change .My motto when it comes to politics is simple “the problem is you live here” another words people get the government they want and deserve. So the status Quo seems fine for most people. I would be careful about taking to much of a message from this election; there doesn’t seem to be much of a mandate either way.

Oil prices have slid the last several weeks, moving lower than they were before hurricane season. In the short run energy stocks may offer some good value, but the big picture has hardly changed, the threat of terror attacks, China and India continue to increase their demand for energy, the US economy continues to grow at a good pace and refining capacity and other oil infrastructure severely constrained. Don’t vest too much faith in the argument that the weather will be mild, thus cutting demand .The weather will do what the weather will do and winter is winter. This is the energy decade and energy with remain the top issue for several years to come .Short term weakness in energy related equities may hurt short term returns in your accounts but this should be viewed as a long term buying opportunity.

What is very interesting is that the Japanese economy in the face of higher energy prices grew stronger than expected. The Japanese economy is considered to be very sensitive to energy prices, yet it surprised a lot of people and persevered. If Japan can grow it certainly bodes well for the US economy and the US stock market.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

some late news

(Google's Print Library Project)…company bent on unilaterally changing copyright law to their benefit and in turn denying publishers and authors the rights granted to them by the U.S. Constitution. (Washington Times)

A worm found spreading via America Online's Instant Messenger is carrying a nastier punch than usual, a security company has warned. (CNET )

Rice said she and others who grew up in Alabama during the height of Parks' activism might not have realized her impact on their lives, "but I can honestly say that without Mrs. Parks, I probably would not be standing here today as secretary of state." (AP)

The Prince of Wales will try to persuade George W Bush and Americans of the merits of Islam this week because he thinks the United States has been too intolerant of the religion since September 11. (News

PARIS — Tension mounted Tuesday in the troubled suburbs of Paris, after angry youths torched cars, garbage bins and even a primary school in rioting that resulted the arrest of 13 people. Officials in Paris and Clichy-sous-Bois, a heavily muslim suburb to the northeast where the accidental deaths of two teenagers triggered the riots that began Thursday, worked to prevent a sixth night of violence. (FOXNEWS)

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin called a series of emergency meetings with government officials throughout the day Thursday, including one with Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, who has been accused of inflaming the crisis with his tough talk and police tactics. Sarkozy has called troublemakers "scum" and vowed to "clean out" troubled suburbs. (FOXNEWS)

"We are witnessing a sort of shock wave that is spreading across the country," Mr. Gaudin said, noting that the violence appeared to be sliding away from Paris and worsening elsewhere in France. (WSJ)

UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 26 - More than 4,500 companies took part in the United Nations oil-for-food program and more than half of them paid illegal surcharges and kickbacks to Saddam Hussein, according to the independent committee investigating the program. The country with the most companies involved in the program was Russia, followed by France, the committee says in a report to be released Thursday. The inquiry was led by Paul A. Volcker, former chairman of the Federal Reserve Board (NYT)

DUBAI, U.A.E. (AP) - Deposed Iraqi president Saddam Hussein accepted an 11th-hour offer to flee into exile weeks ahead of the U.S.-led 2003 invasion but Arab League officials scuttled the proposal, officials in Dubai said.

CAIRO, Egypt -- Arab governments remained silent Thursday as international condemnation grew over a call by Iran's new president for Israel to be destroyed.(Washington Post)

( - Former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson, conducting another round of media appearances related to the leaking of his wife's CIA cover, used a National Press Club appearance Monday to assert that he is no "commie liberal sympathizer."

( - Greenpeace sailed to a world heritage site in the southern Philippines to raise awareness about climate change on Monday -- and struck a submerged coral reef, damaging its ship. The activist group has agreed to pay a fine of almost $7,000 after its flagship, the Rainbow Warrior II, hit the reef at the Tubbataha national marine park in the Sulu Sea.

Productivity, a measure of how much an employee produces for every hour of work, increased at a 4.1 percent annual rate almost twice the pace of the previous three months. Labor costs fell 0.5 percent, the first decline in more than a year. (Bloomberg)

IBM has created a chip that can slow down light, the latest advance in an industry wide effort to develop computers that will use only a fraction of the energy of today's machines. (CNET)

The publisher of a financial newsletter told Maryland's second highest court Wednesday that he should not be forced to disclose his subscriber list and other information sought by an Arizona company seeking those it says made defamatory online comments.(AP)

Friday, November 04, 2005

Inflation Bond Gets Big Rate Increase

2yr. Inflation Floater CDs
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Maturity - 12/15/2012
Settle - 11/17/2005
Cusip - 78490FWF2
Offered @ 99
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