Tuesday, May 20, 2008

death of the consumer ?

Charles Barkely pays gambling debts and vows to give up gambling, stock market tanks on fears of massive economic repercussions!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Transports when you cant make up your mind

Can’t make up your mind weather to bet on accelerating global growth or stick with the commodity boom? There is a way to play both, its through the transports, particularly with tankers or trains. Transportation booms along with an increase ion global trade and transports that carry agro goods, metals or energy will boom with either the current commodity boom and a resurrection of global growth .

Tax Free Municipal Bonds

Ask me about Muni Bonds:

Towns, cities, and regional and local agencies issue municipal bonds. Municipal bonds usually have lower interest rates than comparably rated corporate bonds and Treasury securities. The minimum amount required for investment in municipal bonds is $5,000.The most important feature of municipal bonds is their tax-exempt feature. Additionally, income from state and local municipal bonds can't be taxed if purchased within the geographic area. For example, New Jersey residents don't pay state taxes on New Jersey bonds. However, residents of California are subject to state income taxes on their New Jersey bonds.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

“let them eat ah…Pizza”

So I stopped in to pick up a pie at Ridgewood Pizza the other day and was informed that my pie was now a whopping $10 a full 25% increase from the $8 previous Monday, Wednesday Special price. Yikes …so what’s going on with Pizza prices. Seems the global commodities price explosion has hit home. Prices of wheat, flour, sugar as well as prices for oil, natural gas, coal and precious metals to name a few have not seen these kinds of price increases since the 1970’s . Unlike many other places on earth there is no need for food riots or the offing of heads of inept despots ,in America making money of human folly is fair game .Yes but isn’t investing in volatile commodities very risky you ask? Risky yes but now because of the miracles of modern technology you can invest in Precious Metals, Gold, Oil, Natural Gas ,Agriculture Equipment, Green Power and so on through the use of what we call Exchange Traded Funds or ETF’s for short. What is an ETF you ask? An ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) is simply a basket of stocks that is bought and sold on a stock exchange as if it were a single stock. ETF traded funds are a great way to play a particular sector or diversify your portfolio. So if you want to take advantage of say a falling dollar or just looking to make some extra bread to treat yourself to a pizza give me a call your friendly neighborhood investment advisor and remember that these investments as all securities carry risk of loss of principal and are not insured like bank deposits and you could lose all or most of your money.

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Dollar decouples form energy prices and food prices.

The Dollar decouples form energy prices and food prices. Till now lots of people blamed the higher prices in food and energy on the declining dollar, but what we have seen the last couple of weeks that the dollar has firmed yet energy and food have continued to raise. The global inflation genie seems to have been let out of the bottle.

Punish the Producers ,“wind fall profits tax” yikes!

“In 1980, United States federal legislation was passed that levied such a tax on oil companies because of the profits they earned as a result of the sharp increase in oil prices brought about by the Arab oil embargo. So the US Congress decided to punish the Oil companies for the “Arab Oil Embargo”.The Congressional Research Service has analysed that the windfall profit tax brought in $80 billion in extra revenues for the United States government, which was far less than the projected $393 billion. Also, domestic oil production by oil producers was said to be lowered.” Here we go again ,I guess the politicalo’s didn’t learn anything from the 1970’s early 1980’s , the “wind fall profits tax” not only failed to raise the needed revenue for the government, but also raised prices to the consumer and caused a decline in domestic energy exploration. My bet is what didn’t work in the late 1970’s early 1980’s wont work now ! Expect the huge price increases in energy to continue or even accelerate.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

FED plots the easing end game

As FED plots the easing end game, a tug of war is developing in the short run between the weak dollar make money off inflation and the ending the FED cuts will strengthen the dollar crowds. The theory being that on one hand FED rate cuts weaken the dollar and raise prices of basic commodities like oil, natural gas, wheat, soy beans and so on while ending the rate cuts would have the opposite effect of pushing the dollar higher and in turn lowering the cost of basic commodities. Depending on which camp you are in defines what stocks you are buying or looking to buy. In the short run I would be looking at a dollar rebound but in the long run I favor the higher commodity price argument.

Meanwhile tomato pickers in Florida look to go on strike and congress continues its assault on free markets with talk of wind fall profits taxes, large gas tax increases, increased banking and finance regulation and a final assault on free trade. It’s funny that the same people that want open borders for illegal immigrants look to limit the amount of goods and services that can be exchanged from country to country. The continued rushing head long into the foolish policies of punishing the producers that led to the energy crisis in the 1970’s and now also being applied to the agricultural market will have the same disastrous results. The net effect being the same results as 1970’s; which were a government created energy shortage, higher inflation and slower economic growth.