Thursday, September 27, 2007

worst case scenarios don’t seem to be happening

In a recent Rasmussen poll 44% of the respondents believed health care should be free and 99% of the respondents believed Beer should be free, I am one of the 99% anyway …..

Two significant issues yesterday, first looks like GM has gotten back in the car making business and the UAW finally started to get serious and move to modernize the benefit package workers receive. Looks like the UAW finally came to terms with the idea that a company does not stay in business to long if it carries a huge cost disadvantage compared to its competitors. This has been a very long time in coming .This may signal the beginning of a revival for US car making in North America. It’s just the beginning; the next step would be for GM to start making more interesting cars and not have good designs get lost between engineering and production.

The second item is that Investment Groups have been raising money to buy LBO debt imply renewed liquidity for the debt markets .Couple this with the rumor of Warren Buffet looking at Bear. Brokers have been swept with buy out rumors the last couple of week’s .True or not coupled with some of the earning news for brokers and banks and the fact that however difficult the situation it doesn’t seem to be turning in to a contagious crisis engulfing the entire economy and worst case scenarios don’t seem to be materializing.

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