Monday, November 12, 2007

bubble bubble toil and trouble

November 12, 2007


Pakistan declares a state of emergency and arrests lawyers …hummmm that’s a bad thing?
CNBC’s Jim Kramer calls Andrew Cuomo a communist, Spain’s King tells Hugo Chaves to shut up, Hillary stiffs an Iowa waitress and New Jersey voters finally said “NO” , its about time on all accounts.

Excessive valuations in commodities seem to weigh heavy on the market last week. Oil prices seem to be approaching “bubble” levels. A Super model gives the sell signal for the euro .Lets face it Europe’s heavily export dependent economies are going to suffer greatly if the euro continues a sustained rally.

China’s stocks continue to look way a head of themselves and this blogger continues to wonder why so many investors turned a deaf ear to investing in china in 2002 and yet are so will to now take the plunge at much greater valuations.

Sub prime continue to grab the head lines with rumors of bankruptcy’s echoing through the financial sector. Things are so bad at Citi bank that Prince Alwaleed the largest share holder invited Sandy Weill to met the Prince in Riyadh.

While this time of the year is often hectic. I would like to stress the importance of taking the time to review year-end strategies that could benefit your investment portfolio. For example ,by sitting down face to face or over the phone to look at each of your holdings ,with the help of your tax advisor we can determine if any changes should be made that could reduce your tax liabilities .Areas include IRA’s ,SEP-IRA’s, bond swaps and years –end tax loss selling. We will also want to review your asset allocation to determine if anything needs to be rebalanced in order to stay on track with your investment goals. I know this sounds like a lot of information to think about; however, I think a one hour portfolio review session will be an excellent investment of your time.


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