Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Carter Era Portfolio

February 20, 2008


Clients continue to ask, what era do compare the current market environment to ? I don’t think things are as dire as the 1930’s, and the politicians of today are just totally incompetent, they couldn’t screw things up that much as they did in the 30’s they just don’t have the skills. Nothing like 1987, the market has not moved adjusted for inflation in almost 7 years ,in 87 it have almost tripled from 1982 , To me this smacks of jimmy carters 1970s’ an era of dumb dumber and dumbest .Most of today’s politicians and pundits sound like the dopes form the 1970’s . And everyone is just going along for the ride with the big lie. I see almost no difference between Hillary Obama and McCain they sound like jimmy carter 2 to me. And this idea that if you challenge the Medias forgone conclusions you are an enemy of the people is also so very 1970’s, so break out the DISCO ball and look toward our old nemesis jimmy carter and “peak oil” for investment advise.

Therefore continue to focus on what I call a Carter Era Portfolio, sector focus is on:

Metals and Mining
Agro business

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