Thursday, March 05, 2009

Egg Foo Young ,News on the News and Tim Geither

Chinese :Apparently Chinese Egg Foo Young in the face, plan to boost growth carriers more creditability than anything the Obama administration has produced so far. Markets rallied on news of added Chinese stimulus and fell on news that no additional stimulus would be forth coming..

Stimulus ?:The simple fact is that most of the Obama administrations current vain attempts to revive the economy will have upon careful examination do the exact opposite . Like "welfare " and its war on the poor of previous generations most of the policy initiatives so far are doomed to abject failure like all the great society programs of the past .Welfare the worst example did a good job at entirely the opposite of its intended purpose ,or did it? It destroyed families ,created ghettos ,destroyed initiative and created a second class citizenry .

News in the News :The problem is not the Internet ,the problem is that news papers were so slow to adapt to the new technology. It should have been a layup ,and the WSJ proved it .The other problem is the mainstream medias drive to push agendas instead of reporting news ,in the Internet age it is just too obvious to all your readers . Finaly spending all your time telling your customers you know better than they is just another failed strategy.The Dan Rather incident with the forged documents epitomised this "we know better than you" attitude and it has progressively turned off more and more readers or viewers in the case of TV.

Tim Geithner :Tim Geithner has the big problem ,the US Treasury Sectary has a major credibility problem with global markets . Lets face it the former Wall Street darling comes off as nothing more than a class warfare hack with little or no market experience.He sounds neither serious nor professional .

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