Sunday, March 01, 2009

So here's the good news its in the music ......

So here's the good news ,and yes the good news .The seeds of destruction for the 70's generation and all this big government lunacy are already being sown. Listen carefully ,its in the music . New music is everywhere ,and for the first time in decades new bands ,good bands are breaking onto the scene . The clubs are already being filled with remixed eighties music and like the resurrection of DISCO in the late 90's foretold the end of an era and significant decline in equities and the rebirth of the bigger government is best concept ,The remixed eighties music signifies the raise of the 80's can do generation which will work hard first to undue all that is the 1970's and the 70's generation . And with its belief in itself and a willingness ,is ready and able to remake the world in a more open ,independent free environment limited government view.After all the 80's generation grew up and all knows that the government is the problem !

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