Friday, March 06, 2009

TGIF ,Obama Bear Market ,and a little CYA for Bernie Maddoff

Surprise surprise ,rumors spread of a Maddoff Deal nothing like a little CYA on a Friday afternoon .

Unemployment hits a 25 year high ,while wall street has finally begone calling the current market sell down the Obama Bear market . Not for nothing but dispute his over whelming support during the campaign from Wall Street ,street patients is about as long as the average fruit fly . You don't perform they turn on you very quickly. and very aggressively . The ridiculously high expectations created by the image machine in the mainstream media coupled with a pretty benign competitor in the general election looks like its already backfiring.

Lets face it,you expect it from RUSH ,but out burst from wimps on CNBC like Kerry loving Crammer or even to a lesser degree Rick Santelli seem to spell doom for this already floundering some say failed administration.

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