Friday, April 17, 2009

Failure as an Ideology

The 70's generational worship of FAILURE as an ideology can only lead to crisis and chaos.Recent polls show only 53% of Americans now believe that Capitalism and freedom is better than Socialism and enslavement. That means the 47% of the population now think its Ok for people like New York's Mayor Mike Bloomberg , to tell them what to eat ,drink,smoke, when to sleep and where to go dancing. Some states like tech driven California is looking to BAN large flat screen TV's ,brilliant ! Clearly this is not an atmosphere for leadership

Seems Worshiping of FAILURE has become the new social disease where the power of envy will drive even the most well meaning people to shot the self's in the foot. What amazes me is how many people seem to buying the fantasy's about the Obama administration. Despite the massive tax increases ,unprecedented national debt and despite the massive increase in unemployment many are still blinded by the phony mainstream media Orwellian fantasy of big brother.

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