Saturday, July 25, 2009

There is something about FINRA

There is something about FINRA;seems the same people who failed ot protect the public didn't know Bernie Maddoff was crook,or some would say failed to act when everyone knew Bernie Maddoff was a crook ,the very same people who through their policies of no money down easy credit created a global melt down are now claiming to give "unbiased stock advice" on their website? Am I the only one that see the irony in this?

As my grandmother used to say ." I would never buy a used car from that guy" and although I may let my daughter date a Rolling Stone ,I would never take stock advice from an administration that has failed in every single policy initiative it has mistakenly put forth.

Seriously folks getting the IRS to do your taxes seems a far less risk ,than listening to a government agency about something so complex like investing. After all the IRS is billed as the most efficient tax collection agency in the world ! While the SEC is on the cusp of being folded into a super regulatory agency and if anything has completely failed in its mission of protecting the investor class.

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