Wednesday, August 05, 2009

what’s the point of all being covered if you cant get any health care?

Health Care Reform :

I see nothing in the Presidents Plan to alleviate the main short falls the current system.

In simple terms the main issue is our current 3rd Party Payer System separates the health care itself from the people responsible for paying the bills. This creates incentives to use the system as much as possible with no regard to need and interferes with the doctor patient relationship by a distant administrator who has no vested interest in a healthy out come only cost.

This type of system creates three major short falls :

1) access

2) choice

3) coast

The Presidents Nationalization of Healthcare does little to address these issues and in fact will exacerbate these very problems.

Replacing Insurance companies with a single government payer will even further distance the payment of services form the health care itself . It will also replace what little competition we have now with none at all. The Nationalization of Healthcare will also result in turning over your health care to the very regulators who through the byproduct of their attempt to regulate have reduced services, limited access ,limited choice and raised costs . Again the administration is trying to make the insurance industry the scape goat but has offered no evidence that the a Governmental Super Payer would act any differently and countless experiments across the world would suggest that Nationalization would make these issues even worse.

Basically one can take all the same arguments against the current system and make them against the Nationalization proposal. History has show us time and time again that diminished competition equals increased coast and lower levels of service. History has also shown us that over time single governmental systems cut services to cut costs. Are you willing to wait 2 years to get an MRI? Are you willing to be told your autistic child is a cost drain on the system and its not worth it or your Grandmother has out lived her usefulness and she should do her bit and be put to sleep?

This leaves the proponents of Obamacare with one issue ;universal coverage. The problem is high cost and poor service eventually leading to rationing effectively make this argument moot.
So the question remains what’s the point of all being covered if you cant get any health care?

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