Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Net neutrality" : I am from the Government and I am here to help.

Once again big brother is here to protect us from ourselves and we are told that Regulation is needed “to preserve Internet openness, helping ensure a future of opportunity, innovation and a vibrant marketplace of ideas,” says Julius Genachowski head of the FCC.Leading the push for new regulations for "Net neutrality" . This all sounds very nice ,but an administration that openly attacks Private Citizens for expressing views contrary to there own such as Joe the Plumber ,FOX News and Rush Limbaugh is going to be put in charge of openness on the Internet?

One look at the history of innovation suggests that innovation has happening despite Government intervention and in reaction to Government intervention (getting around it) not because of it . Once again the gang in Washington seems to be living in the 1970's with so many unresolved issues from that decade. The insecurities of the generation that never made it continue to manifest them self's in more regulatory over reach ,Government controls and a virulent anti private enterprise mentality..

Opponents say net neutrality rules could interfere with management of their networks, risking slowdowns when applications such as peer-to-peer file-sharing hog limited bandwidth. They also say they may pull back from investing billions of dollars in more network capacity. Network providers feel the FCC is threatening restrictions on the ability and flexibility to manage traffic. Managing traffic is clearly and underhanded way to gain Government control of the Internet access.Turning networks into one big Government monopoly . We are already seeing in the EU blocking peoples Internet access as a punishment. How much longer will it be before content is controlled under the ruse of "not limiting access" or certain IP profiles come under surveillance ?

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