Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Latest Terror Attack: A comedy of errors ,what else is new?

The Latest terror attack of the North West airline plane in Detroit gives me pause and begs the question have we learned nothing since 9/11? The Nigerian terrorist paid cash for a ticket, had no luggage on international flight (perhaps only a one way ticket) , his visa was revoked ,there seems to be some dispute over weather he had a passport of not ,and his father outed him and his plans to the US Embassy . Anyone of these issues by themselves are reason enough to take a second look at someone and the sum total of these missteps or oversights amounts to abject dereliction of duty .To make matters worse the plot was foiled by a passenger !

While Al Quada quicky took to the airwaves bragging about beating American security ,US officials are still using the word “alleged” and playing “cover my ass” while descending into the blame game .

So is it stupidity ,incompetence of cowardice ? Or perhaps is law enforcement simply too tied up with strip searching old ladies in wheelchairs and writing parking tickets ?

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