Monday, April 26, 2010

Financial Reform ?

Is this some kind of a joke the same person who single handily profited from the global financial crisis is the author of the current financial reform bill? Chris Dodd has no business being in government let along regulating the industry which he profited from all of its wrong doings .

What I also find peculiar is that the industry being regulated is so accepting of this this regulation ? Remember these are the same people who watched porn instead of Bernie Maddoff. Is it simply because Wall Street has heaped millions of dollars in support of Obama and his drive to merge corporate and government interests? Or because Obama has taped so many Goldman Sacks alumni to mastermind his big government takeover of your life.

This whole financial reform bill stinks to high heaven and with all the usual suspects lining up in support of this legislation its no wonder most folks are eyeing the November congressional elections instead of focusing on the day to day operation of the US Government.

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