Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Anxious Greeks Emptying Their Bank Account

Anxious Greeks Emptying Their Bank Accounts
By Ferry Batzoglou in Athens

Georgios Provopoulos, the governor of the central bank of Greece, is a man of statistics, and they speak a clear language. "In September and October, savings and time deposits fell by a further 13 to 14 billion euros. In the first 10 days of November the decline continued on a large scale," he recently told the economic affairs committee of the Greek parliament.

With disarming honesty, the central banker explained to the lawmakers why the Greek economy isn't managing to recover from a recession that has gone on for three years now: "Our banking system lacks the scope to finance growth."

He means that the outflow of funds from Greek bank accounts has been accelerating rapidly. At the start of 2010, savings and time deposits held by private households in Greece totalled €237.7 billion -- by the end of 2011, they had fallen by €49 billion. Since then, the decline has been gaining momentum. Savings fell by a further €5.4 billion in September and by an estimated €8.5 billion in October -- the biggest monthly outflow of funds since the start of the debt crisis in late 2009.


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Jim said...

Well, well, well, looks like Maggie was right after all. Who will be the next domino to fall in the next installment of As Socialism Falls? Stay tuned in next week for the answer to this and many other questions. Same bat time, same bat channel.