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CNBC : brain drain?

CNBC : brain drain? 
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I have to laugh a recent headline in the NY Post categorised the spat of departures from CNBC as ' brain drain" . I guess they haven't watched the has been network in quite some time.
The Post story goes on to say that CNBC has been saying goodbye to a lot of staff in the last few months. CNBC Europe chief Mike Buckley, and London correspondent Guy Johnson, are leaving as well as anchors Melissa Francis, Erin Burnett and Trish Regan all departed earlier this year unable to displace the very able and well qualified Maria Bartiromo as anchorwoman.

According to the Post former staffers for some time have dubbed the changes “brain drain” even speculating that CNBC’s often pompous and slightly out of it   David Faber, might also be ready for a new challenge. The truth is Farber's one time spot on reporting has devolved in clueless self indulgence in recent years covered in a know it all smugness  others  suggest that few people out side of DC beltway insiders and the mainstream media establishment would consider the loss of Erin Bernett ,brain drain ?

CNBC has been over the years been plagued with questions of manipulation by skeptics and has over exposed itself to guests like Jon Corzine .A  bad market as well as an extreme drift to the left by the network has lead to a loss to loyal viewers and perhaps the real reason is that the writing is on the wall with Fox business news already poached the better talent like Neil Cavuto and Liz Claman.

Last year Fox Business Network's Charlie Gasparino and MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan were on "The O'Reilly Factor" and "The Colbert Report," respectively, where each took the opportunity to sound off on the network they used to work for, CNBC. Both attacked the network editorial policy's .

Melissa Francis will join her former colleagues at Fox while Trish Regan will move to Bloomberg TV’s “Street Smarts,” . Bloomberg TV and news are also in desperate need of some quality editorial as they too have made a rabid shift to the left perhaps even rivaling MSNBC .

The drop in CNBC's ratings and the continued encroachment by Fox has left the once mighty business network scrambling for rating and and subleting time to infomercials and silly programs like American greed which belong more on daytime TV or TMZ.

The network doesn’t deny it has spent much of 2011 bringing in fresh legs. CNBC hired Seema Mody, Kayla Tausche, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Brian Sullivan and gave Gary Kaminsky, a permanent contract this year.Aussie import Amanda Drury, who moved from the Asian bureau in May 2010, remains in the mix as well with her midday market show. But the Post’s Page Six reported recently that the cable business channel didn’t make its budget and raised the possibility of cuts in the coming months all the while management is pushing for more "American Greed" type tripe to air on the network.

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