Wednesday, December 21, 2011

US asks banks to keep more cash at hand

US asks banks to keep more cash at hand
Dec 20 03:33 PM US/Eastern

The US Federal Reserve on Tuesday moved to toughen capital requirements for the country's largest banks, saying their size and stretch could threaten the overall financial system.
The Fed said it was preparing to implement new capital and liquidity rules outlined by an international banking pact on nearly three-dozen banks with assets over $50 billion.

Rebuffing resistance from some of the country's most powerful financiers, the Fed said it would apply the extra-tough standards of the Basel III pact on 29 "globally systemically important banks."

That could mean even tougher standards for the eight American banks and bank holding companies on that list: Bank of America, BNY Mellon, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, State Street and Wells Fargo.

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