Monday, February 20, 2012

Study: "Massive decline" in use of Facebook

Study: "Massive decline" in use of Facebook
By John Aravosis on 8/23/2011 11:12:00 AM

Greg Pouy summarizes a new GlobalWebIndex study of Internet usage worldwide. Greg's post is in French, but the study is in English.  Here are some of the key points:

1. The data suggests a "massive decline" in the use of the Facebook, particularly in English-speaking countries.
2. For 16 to 24 year olds, the Web, and especially social media, is their primary information source.
3. Instant messenger use is declining (I think this means the use of instant messaging software such as AOL, MSN, iChat etc).
4. eCommerce remains weak in Italian and Spain.
5. Strong development of eCommerce and social media in Turkey, China and Brazil.
6. The use of mobile Internet (I think they mean Internet access via cell phones, but possibly also tablets) is strong in both Asia and Latin America, while the usage itself tends to take place at home.
7. Many consumers are willing to pay for online content, but there are big differences between countries and age groups.
8. Microblogging (retweeting news via Twitter, for example) is growing significantly in Brazil, Russia, India and China.
9. People are still watching lots of TV, even people who are very active online.

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