Friday, March 13, 2009

Buffett's comments are more about Buffett than the down home investor friendly myth would have you believe

So Buffett loses his AAA credit rating and continues to rationalize his use of derivatives that he has over the years so often decried. This blogger often wonders when the public will catch on to the real “Buffett agenda” and recognize that Buffetts comments are often driven by business interests and not the investor friendly aura he would have you believe. Let’s face it even a man as brilliant as he is still runs an insurance company and seems often compelled regardless of his claims to push for regulatory ,governmental and tax policies that lead to more insurance business above all else. No harm in that but I am not sure I buy the folksy investor friendly Buffet of the media hype, he seems more an astute investor and business manager operating like the rest of us for the preservation of his self interest.

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