Wednesday, March 18, 2009

time to man up?

Chinese warm on US debt, while some US financial institutions fight to return TARP funds. It seems the strings were just too great and there is just too much government interference for some to stomach. The wholesale branding of all bankers who take the money as crooks put many legit unaffected institutions over the edge and they have now given the treasury the resounding “take your TARP and shove it “!

Previous warnings to the Obama administration from China and Russia on the evils of socialism have so far gone unheeded ,But now you have more signs of the a growing concern of both allies and trading partners with many of the new administrations policy’s. It is no coincidence that China, the US’s largest debtor picks this time to extend its warning on the administrations policy of borrowing to borrow.

One wonders if Senators Charles Grassley will take his own advice. I would suggesting instead of just withholding bonuses form AIG employees Congress should set and example and forfeit there own pay for the foreseeable future.
Given the gross incompetence and the all the effort to cover up the fact that Congress aided and abetted the creation of the sub prime crisis or some would say created the sub prime crisis it seems only fair that the chief instigators would take a leadership role admit their folly fess up and fall on the sword ? Come on Senator Dodd and Frank time to man up.

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